To make a call, enter phone number or username and click call

Use your browser to call any phone anywhere in the world.
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What do I need to use GizmoCall?
Internet connected computer with a browser and Flash version 9 or better. A headset is recommended for optimum call quality.

Who can I call?
You can call any other GizmoCall, Gizmo5 users, 800 numbers, or SIP address for no charge. Here's a guide to free calls you can make. To call a traditional phone number and take advantage of some of the low rates on the net you will need to buy $10 of call-out credit here.

Can GizmoCall receive calls?
You can receive calls using GizmoCall. Simply login and then any other GizmoCall user can call you at that username. As long as GizmoCall is open in any window or browser tab (even if in the background) you will be able to receive a call.

How can I make sure my speaker and microphone are working?
Click the "Test" icon below the numeric keypad and follow the instructions. Then use the microphone and speaker sliders to set the optimum settings.

Can I setup GizmoCall so that my CallerID displays my mobile, home, or work number when I place a call so they can identify who is calling?
Yes, you can configure your account to pass the correct CallerID number. There is a $4 charge to set this up and it can be done at the Gizmo5 Caller ID area here.

Is it possible to turn phone numbers on web pages into links which when clicked will automatically trigger a call via GizmoCall like this: 1-800-326-3264 (Fandango movie service)?
Visit the GizmoCall Firefox Add-ons page here, or install our Firefox Plugin right now which will automatically make any phone number on a web page clickable and place a call via GizmoCall. To Install, click on the link and choose 'Open with Firefox'. Alternatively, you can also download the file to your desktop and drag it into your Firefox browser.


I am not getting any audio when I make a call?
Older versions of Flash have issues with microphones. Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash. You can get this free download at

When I make a call the audio doesn't work.
To test your system, click the "Test" button below the numeric keypad. Listen to the announcement to see if audio is working correctly and then you will be given an opportunity to speak and hear your words echoed back to you. Use the sliders next to the Test button to adjust the speaker volume and the microphone input so callers will hear you.

Callers are complaining that my voice is faint or barely audible.
Use the microphone slider under the 7 key to optimize the mic level for your computer. Do a "Test" call to find the best audio settings for your computer.

There is an echo when I make a call.
Using a headset will remove the echo. If you don't have a headset turning down the volume will reduce the echo.


How do I add calling to my web page or blog?
Use our embedded script here to have calling on your web page or blog:

I'm a developer and I'd like to add calling to my application or service.
We have made it easy to create user accounts and other basic operations. Please visit,